Rockport Mastiffs,

We Continue To Care.

"If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity,
you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men"
- St. Francis of Assisi

Pictured above is Maggie in the comforts of her new home.

Dear Ken: I am the person that was lucky enough to get Maggy (your rescue dog) last August. She is doing fine and as you can see by the picture is my constant companion. I spend a lot of my day in the office Maggy is by my side , , if I get up she goes with me into the house. - where I go she goes. (she evens sleeps at my side of the bed). She is even better than we imagined!!

Ken my uncle is over from England, I would like for him to see your dogs. Would it be convenient for jim to bring him over some time.

Thanks Pat

    We at Rockport Mastiffs are proud to say that we are actively involved in rescue work.  We have traveled thousands of miles and spent a great deal of money and time in this effort. 
    Mastiffs through no fault of their own are sometimes found to be in unfortunate circumstances and need to have human intervention so that they may be properly protected and cared for.  I would like to say that all these efforts have been success stories, but that is not the case.  When Rockport Mastiffs is contacted with regards to a Mastiff Rescue, we pick up the dog and bring it home. (Providing we don't already have one that we are presently working with.)


Evaluation Process

  • From this point we begin the rehabilitative and placement process. 
  • The rescued dog is kept at our place for a period of up to 3 months. (We do not keep them permanently.) 
  • They are first taken to the Veterinarian for a complete health check up and diagnosis of any medical problems.
  • Any medical problems associated with the rescued Mastiff are then dealt with at that time.
  • They are then taken home and put onto a natural diet and get daily vitamins. (We use a  B.A.R.F. DIET with a slight modification)
  • We then evaluate the dog for behavior and their social skills.
  • In this part of the process, we carefully study the dog under a wide variety of circumstances and their reactions to different types of people. (Especially with families and children.) 

Relocation Process

  • At this point in time the process of matching up the dog to the right family begins.
  • We at Rockportmastiffs keep a list of people with special skills or have a good understanding of animals who are willing to provide safe and secure homes for the rehabilitated Dog.
  • Prior to placement the potential owners are evaluated and a reference must be given from their veterinarian. (Home visits are done whenever possible.)


  • Prior to the rehabilitated dog leaving, they have a final visit to the Veterinarian for a check-up and make sure all vaccinations are up to date.
  • A letter of disclosure detailing any medical problems accompanied with their health record book.
  • All registration papers and microchip identification verified prior to departure.
  • Spaying or Neutering arrangements are done through us or confirmation is made through the new Veterinarian at the new home. (All Rescued Dogs must be Spayed or neutered as terms of placement.)
  • These Mastiff rescues are sold for approximately $600.00.  This price helps offset the expenses incurred.

Follow Up

  • We take on the responsibility of contacting the new dog owner once or twice a week for the first month and are available for further consultations for the rest of the dog's life.
  • We keep a photo album of the rescued dog and are always thankful for any photographs received.
  • We are thankful for having been involved in the rescue and placement of these dogs and are grateful to the new families who adopt them.
  • This is an endeavor which is dear to our hearts as our very first Mastiff was a rescue.  I was told at the time that this would be the best dog I would ever own and am glad to say no truer words were ever spoken.